Partner Registration Form

Are you a Creative? or Do you run a Vibrant Community?
The Yangah! Marketplace offers you tools to setup a Merchandise shop and earn more money by selling your designs printed on Premium Merchandise to your customers and fans on the Yangah! Marketplace


The Registration form on this page only required 3 bits of information to get started: Full Name, Shop Name and your Email Address. Your account is approved automatically and you can continue to set up your shop. We advice that you also upload an avatar or logo and an appropriate banner for your business.

Set up your Shop

Set up your shop involves listing your products on the Marketplace. We advice that use showcase your products using the best image possible. Our relationship managers are available to support you with any resources that you might need to upload your products. You have ultimate control on your pricing and how your product is displayed to propective customers.

Sit back & Earn

Every time your Product is purchased, your Dashboard is updated with the profits that accrue to you. Payment is run at the end of every month and you will receive an email as soon as payment is made to your account. Ensure that you bank details is always updated in the Settings page.

Become a partner

You have made it this far and we are excited. Make your shop name as memorable as possible, it helps with repeat customers.