What is Yangah.com

The name "Yangah" was culled from "Yanga" which means fashion or trendy.Yangah.com is a platform that was initially built for creation of custom designed clothing. Using the T-Shirt Designer tool our customers are able to create their custom T-Shirt using images from our graphics gallery and artistic fonts. Users can also upload their designs to be printed on their chosen T-Shirts.

We have a growing community of graphic suppliers on Yangah.com; users are able to indicate their interest to work with us as graphic suppliers; one of our directors would contact you with details provided and once approved, you would be able to provide images to us for use by other users on the platform. Our graphic suppliers are paid a commission for every image submitted that is used on a paid order.

For us, Yangah gives everyone an opportunity to express themselves without saying a word. You do not have to worry about anything anymore, We take care of providing you with quality T-Shirts, quality graphics and our Prints are the best!!! Order your today ...

Our People

Yangah is run and managed by ThoughtStudios Limited; an IT Consulting and Product Development based in Lagos, Nigeria. Head over to our website to see the people that are working behind the scenes on this product.