What is Yangah.com

Yangah.com is a platform that was built for creation of custom designed clothing. The E-Commerce platform enables our users to create custom T-Shirt using our free or paid for graphics, as well as our fonts. Users are also able to upload their own images to be printed on their T-Shirts.

Also, we want to build a community of graphic desgners on the platform; users are able to register as a graphic designer and once approved as one, would be able to provide images to us for use by other users on the platform. Users are paid a royalty on images that are submitted in this manner.

If we are to put a phrase to yangah it would be "being original" and this is a trend we would like to encourage for every user on Yangah.com

Our People

Yangah is run and managed by ThoughtStudios Limited; an IT Consulting and Product Development based in Lagos, Nigeria. Head over to our website to see the people that are working behind the scenes on this product.